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Digital Walks 

Plastician artist, Raphaëlle Roumagnac alias Lubnaroum shapes digital creations from her street photographies. Each artwork illustrates a walk and recomposes a district, a street or a building, over a thorough layout and layering work, done with a few or many pictures.
While the shooting context imposes its colors, shapes and patterns, digital tool plasticity opens limitless possibilities in terms of (de)composition.
Interweaving shapes and textures traces new perspectives as it deconstructs the reality of the photographic subject. This cutting labor draws a new shape, heiress of the sequential and serial properties of digital technology.
Can a graphic card handle the digital processing of hundreds pictures at the same time ? It can, at the price of frequent software crashes, however this has to be done in order to erase from the arrangement any distinctive element, any figurative dimension.
Why push the RAM in his lasts entrenchments ? To explore the abyssal deepness of the digital « material », to reveal all its formal beauty. And to recreate, through an artificial landscape, the original atmosphere of the place. As if it was resurging from the abstraction.